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Different Types of Social Media

10+ Best Different Types of Social Media
10+ Best Different Types of Social Media

Different Types of Social Media

Different Types of Social Media, What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about “social media?” For us, it’s Facebook. This colossus attracts over 1.3 billion people every day. However, social networking sites like Facebook only represent one of the various types of social media platform

Different Types of Social Media List

1. Social networking sites

Most of us are familiar with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms help us connect with friends, family, and brands. They encourage knowledge-sharing and are all about personal, human-to-human interaction

2. Social review sites

What’s one of the first things you do when planning a trip or buying a new product? If you’re anything like us, you’ll head straight to the reviews.

  • Understand the customer’s perspective: Reviews tell us about the customer experience from their own point of view. Use this to identify what’s working and discover areas with room for improvement.
  • Solve problems: Reviews are an opportunity to engage with reviewers and solve any potential challenges before they become a huge deal.

3. Image sharing sites

Visual content like images, infographics, and illustrations capture our hearts, eyes and imaginations. Social media platforms like Instagram, Imgur, and Snapchat are designed to amplify the power of image sharing.

4. Video hosting sites

YouTube revolutionized the way we watch, create, and think about video. It transformed the medium into something accessible. Recent improvements in tech and connectivity helped video go the rest of the way

  • Share phenomenal content: Yes. This point is a bit obvious, but creators can use YouTube to build communities and get their content out there.
  • Engage: YouTube’s comment section offers plenty of opportunities to get to know the people watching your content.

5. Community blogs

Sometimes an image or post isn’t complex enough for the message you’ve got to share, but not everyone on the internet wants to run a blog from a self-hosted website. That’s a lot of work.

  • Develop your voice: Starting a blog can be daunting. Use platforms like Medium and Tumblr to find your voice, get some readers, and get clear about your vision.
  • Syndicate content: If you do have a blog, you can use community blogging platforms to share, re-purpose, and re-post older content and expose it to a new audience.

6. Discussion sites

While most of us have seen many a heated discussion happen on Facebook, discussion sites like Reddit and Quora are specifically designed to spark a conversation. Anyone is free to ask a question or make a statement, and this attracts people with shared interests and curiosities. However, unlike Facebook and Instagram, users tend to give out less identifiable information.

  • Answer questions: Quora users ask all sorts of questions. Answering them can help establish you as a thought leader and drive more traffic to your site.

7. Sharing economy networks

Sites like AirBnB and Rover aren’t just a cool place to find cheap holiday rentals or a pet sitter. Sharing economy networks bring people who’ve got something they want to share together with the people who need it. These communities provide opportunities that won’t exist otherwise by pooling resources on a large scale that wouldn’t be possible without tech.

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